Choosing the artist.

You want to express yourself, so go for an original design by the artist who’s work always catches your eye or creates a sense of recognition.

Should I get a tattoo?

You have to be of age to get a tattoo, that means 18 years (parental signatures dont apply – have your ID with you). The process is always painful, no matter what location on the body – some places are more sensitive than others. If you have chosen the right artist for yourself trhen you wont regret this decision.

Does a tattoo have to have a meaning?

A tattoo is on your body and for you. No, it does not need to have a meaning – you only need to like it.

Do you do cover-up tattoos?

Depends on the existing tattoo. Some tattoos can be fixed or covered without lazer removal, but not all. Not every artist is suitable for cover-ups if the artists style doesnt allow it. Cover- ups are usually significantly bigger than the existing tattoo, which means more work than usual.

Birthmarks, scars, lazer removal.

We recommend to consult any medical questions with Vitaclinika. You can get a consultation quicker if you use the code „skin deep“ when making your booking. If your artist assesses that a medical consultation is needed, the studio will reimburse your visitation fee at Vitaclinika when you present us a receipt.

How long is the waiting list?

Starting from two weeks. Every artist manages their own schedule so booking terms are different. You need to book your session via email.

Preparation for the session.

Come to the session well rested, having eaten beforehand, clean, and in comfortable clothes that allow access to the planned area of your tattoo. During 2-3 days before your session use moisturizing lotion on the predicted area of where your tattoo is going to be. Do not drink alcohol on the night before your session. Intoxicated clients will not be served. You cannot get a tattoo if you are affected by any of the following conditions: diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, a heart condition, blood thinning medication. No medical or skin condition that may interfere with the application or healing of the tattoo. Not a recipient of an organ or bone marrow transplant or, if you are, you have taken the prescribed preventive regimen of anti-biotics that is required by your doctor in advance of any invasive procedure such as tattooing or piercing. If you are pregnant or nursing. If you have a mental impairment that may affect your judgment in getting the tattoo. Contagious diseases of any kind that can be transferred to anyone else in the room.

Price of the tattoo.

Every session will fall in the price range of 100-500EUR. The length and amount of sessions depends on the project. Smaller works usually take around 1-2h, bigger ones 2-5 sessions. A prediction of price will be given by your artist during consultation


A deposit is necessary if your booking is further in the future than 2 months. The deposit is 50EUR, which is to be paid via bank transfer according to the bill you will receive in your email. If you book a time within the next two months, a deposit will not be necessary, but if you cancel your session the artist reserves the right to add the made design into their available design catalogue.

If I cant come to the arranged session.

If you notify your artist in advance, but at least three days in advance (if you had booked more two months in advance and paid a deposit the time to notify is 7 days in advance), there will be no problem finding a new time slot. If you notify your artist about not being able to come to the session only one day in advance then for next booking with any of the Skin Deep artists, you will have to pay a deposit.